Welcome to Dewata Productions,  Rental LCD Projector Bali a complete in Bali is ready to help all Fast you are using LCD Projector, Meeting/conference, a show, gala dinner, wedding party, the award, gathering, exhibition and a concert music, a right there in us, the center of rent lcd projector Bali.

The following list Rental LCD projector Bali that us we rent :  

  1. Rental LCD Projector Bali, 2000 ansi Lumens
  2. Rental LCD Projector Bali, 2500 ansi Lumens
  3. Renatl LCD Projector Bali, 3000 ansi Lumens
  4. Rental LCD Projector Bali, 3500 ansi Lumens
  5. Rental LCD Projector Bali, 4,500 ansi Lumens
  6. Rental LCD Projector Bali, 5000 ansi Lumens
  7. Rental LCD Projector Bali, 7000 ansi Lumens
  8. Rental LCD projector Bali, 10,000 ansi Lumens
  9. Rental LCD Projector Bali, 15,000 ansi Lumens
  10. Rental LCD Projector Bali, 20,000 ansi Lumens

With Screen projector supporters :

  1. Screen Projector size, 1.5 meters x1,5
  2. Screen projector size 2 x 3 meters
  3. Screen Projector size 3 x 4 meters
  4. Screen Projector size 4 x 6 meters

Dewata Productions, central Rental LCD projector Bali wearing brands such as LCD well-known as SONY, SANYO, HITACHI and CHRISTY, contact us,Dewata Productions center Rental lcd projector Bali for needs rental LCD projector you, we also rent a computer, printer, the engine photocopy, delegate mic, interperter, plasma TV, sound system, lighting and air-conditioned portable